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White-Tailed Deer Season Opens This Weekend

ATTENTION: Deer Hunters

The 2012-2013 white-tailed deer season opens this weekend, Nov 3 !!!!!

Be sure to come by for your Hunting License…..don’t get caught without one!!!!  We also sell deer corn for your feeders.  If you are having turkey dinner at YOUR house this year, the Rio Grande Turkey season opens this weekend as well!

Now available at our location, Bulk Kerosene!!! Sold by the gallon, so be sure to bring your own container(s).  As always, thank you for shopping at Circle S Hardware!

Good Luck Hunters!!!!!!



Stock Your Pond Day Was A Bust!

Well we are sad to say Friday’s Stock Your Pond Day was a bust. We figured it would be, considering they told us last minute and had the time right in middle of the day. I guess they forgot that people work. So I had no choice but to turn Connie loose on them. After a very one sided conversation they have agreed to come on Saturday next time which we hope will be very soon. Check back often for updates.

Last Minute News

Stock Your Pond Day is returning to Circle S Hardware on Friday October 5th from 11:30am to 12:30pm. They will bring containers(bags) or you can bring your own. they will the following fish for sale,

Channel Catfish 4″-6″ $45.00 per 100 6″-8″ $65.00 per 100 8″-11″ $100.00 per 100

Albino Catfish $99.00 per 100

Largemouth Bass 2″-3″ $99.00 per 100

Black Crappie 1″-3″ $89.00 per 100

Bluegill(copper nose) 1″-3″ $49.00

Hybrid Bluegill 1″-3″ $49.00 per 100 3″-5″ $89.00 per 100

Red Ear Bream 1″-3″ $49.00 per 100

Fathead Minnows $10.00 per pound


Good morning!

Two thoughts this morning:
1. For all of our green-friendly customers, we would like to remind everyone that we carry a paper lawn and leaf bag that is biodegradable and compostable.
2. For our DIY home theater customers, we recently added a new vendor that grants us access to TV’s, Projectors, Receiver’s, Amplifiers, Speakers, home automation, and much more. Contact us for more info.
Have a great day.

Welcome to the Circle S News Blog

Hi Everyone! This is just a short introduction to welcome you to our blog. We are just getting started; working out the wrinkles and learning how to do this. But this will be good place to check in with your favorite hardware store.  Be sure to visit our new website at Thanks for stopping by.